Wacky Cycles

Wacky Cycles is a cycling activity for people to have huge fun while trying out various different types of unusual wacky bikes.

It can be provided as part of events (both large and small) or on its own.

We provide trikes, bikes, and unicycles of different sizes and structures, and even wacky 'wobbly' ones - something to attract everyone.

The magic of Wacky Cycles is that most people can have a go, both children and adults aged 4 to 75. Apart from taking part just for the fun of it, participants often go on to take up cycling, increase the cycling they do, or encourage a friend or family member to cycle.

The beauty of Wacky Cycles is that taking part raises people's spirits, and lifts the energy of an event.

We have different reactions from participants, for example:-

  • "I remember now how much I loved being on bikes when I was young - I think I'll take up cycling again."
  • "My child could only ride with stabilisers before today, but now he/she is whizzing around on the balance bikes with his/her feet in the air."
  • "Riding that Chopper made me realise how much fun it is to ride; and it brings back memories of borrowing my friend's bike when I was young."

It is especially relevant and suited to events which highlight sustainable transport, health issues, and community cohesion.

Insurance - Wacky Cycles normally qualifies as a 'low risk activity' for insurance purposes, and is often covered by the main insurance of an event. We can, however, make our own insurance arrangements if necessary.

We work regularly with Streets Alive, as part of its Green Streets programme, although Wacky Cycles is run independently.

Kai Paulden also offers services in public engagement in cycling, cycle training, travel marketing and events, based on many years of experience.

You can find out more, or book Wacky Cycles, by contacting Kai Paulden on:
0777 553 0556