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Making Sunday Special Bristol

02/07/2013 15:55:38

Best event of its kind in the UK opens up city streets.

Several of Bristol's streets were open up to over 7000 people enjoying a relaxed atmosphere without traffic for the day.

This was the first of five Sundays this year bringing life to the city centre with join-in arts, music and kids activities, from hoola-dancing to blade racing.

The idea is not new but the independent Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, has very successfully set up the right balance low key event with activities run mainly by groups in the city. This followed the advice from Streets Alive that had organised similar events for 8 years in the city.

Streets Alive set up our classic street lounges, with the help of Emmaus furniture project run with ex-homeless volunteer residents.

In future years it is hoped to have this for every Sunday. The other monthly dates this year are shown on the Council website.

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