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Streets Alive Challenges Councils on TV to Keep Street Parties Free to Hold

02/03/2011 18:44:46

We are keeping pressure up on councils to drop all charges and not require insurance, not just for the royal wedding date.

On the BBC Daily Politics Show on 2nd March we appealed to Councils to not charge at all for a road closure for a street party as fees of ?50-100 would not raise any meaningful cash for councils.

Also, we encourage councils to not demand insurance which would cost about ?50. Such money dampens residents' goodwill and is a show stopper in less well off areas.

Some councils are holding back on charges just for the wedding weekend, but we believe that this policy should apply throughout the year as many will want to hold an event later in warmer weather or for The Big Lunch which we are partner in.

Any residents having to grapple with councils on these things can ask for our help to put pressure on them, including through their local councillors.

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