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Bristol hits the street party jackpot with 210 events

27/08/2010 12:03:03

This year is the highest number of street parties held in any place in the UK since 1977.

Bristol is again at the top of the league and is surely the UK's street party capital.

All events are organised and funded by residents, with 15,000 people taking part. This is all made possible by the City Council making it easy for residents on road closures, without charges or requiring insurance.

But Streets Alive's ambitions are even greater.

Our target is for Bristol to hold over 700 events in 2012 which is the year of the Diamond Jubilee. This would match the number of events held in 1977, the year of the Silver Jubilee.

This would contribute to a massive boost in community spirit at the street level, which is what Streets Alive was set up to do.

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