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Street Parties promoting children's play

27/08/2010 12:01:55

Streets Alive is again promoting adult support for play in streets in more streets in Bristol

For the 2nd year Streets Alive is supporting street parties to see how adults, not just parents, can develop a more positive attitude to play in the safety of the closed street.

On the day we provide a Street Play Kit to encourage play by children and with adults, and afterwards we are again carrying out house to house surveys to ask adults about their thoughts. 5 streets are holding the events this year.

One of the streets are closing the street on 2 further days to allow the kids to play freely together right outside their front door.

Last year there were 6 events and results showed the following positive results:

In response to the question 'Compared to before the street party, how do you feel about children playing in the street at other times? 38% said they were 'More happy about children's play in the street'.

Also, in response to the question 'Would you now be interested in supporting play in your street or elsewhere in the neighbourhood?' 19% said 'Yes, I would volunteer' and 54% said 'Maybe I would help sometimes'.

Results of the project will be available in November.

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