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20mph coming to your street soon

06/10/2009 16:17:51

Lower speed limits may become common after Portsmouth goes 20mph

Until now, traffic speed has mainly been controlled by localised interventions such as speed cameras or speed bumps. But now interim results from the UK's first 20mph city, Portsmouth, has showed that cheaper and effective calming can be achieved with just speed limit signs if they cover all of the residential areas.

In Portsmouth they monitored 159 sites. 102 already had mean speeds of 20 mph or less though in these speed reduced by an average of only 1mph. But 36 were between 20 mph and 24 mph, whilst on a further 21 the mean speed was above 24 mph - and in these a huge 7mph reduction in mean speed was recorded.

Also, casualties fell by 15% and total accidents by 13% and there was lower noise, and a change in the way people engaged with other road users when driving. Portsmouth City Council was very pleased with the outcomes and it was judged to have increased the quality of life in the city and made it a better place to live.

As a result, you can expect many more towns and cities planning 20 mph limits in all residential areas in future.

Streets Alive will be helping residents and councils to achieve this idea and make their street come more alive.

For more details see this national community campaign 20s Plenty For Us


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