Streets Alive has been building community spirit at the street level since 2001 across the UK.

We have made iconic street parties more common and practically possible and made Bristol a beacon with 100+ neighbours events held each year.

The challenges of our ageing population, social diversity and climate change cannot be resolved by the conventional machinery available to local and national government. Nor does the power to tackle them lie with individuals' private lives alone. We need to build a new resilience and collective capacity within communities to help respond to these shared challenges.

Streets Alive helps people make their street a friendlier, safer and greener place to live. We do this by:

  • Providing a range of practical tools, training, events and advice designed for neighbours, and supporting organisations, to help them create more opportunities for social connection and inclusion in their street.
  • Working with a range of different streets and communities, from leafy suburbs to inner city estates, to help better tap into often overlooked reserves of pride, creativity, goodwill and trust in order to generate on-going resident-led action to improve streets and their neighbourhoods.
  • Identifying, supporting and promoting the best ideas from the UK and internationally that help streets to become more neighbourly.
  • Sharing practical learning about growing localism at the micro-level and how modern neighbourliness can contribute to important policy goals, including social cohesion, crime, health and climate change.
  • Working at the national level with government departments, other agencies and local authorities to gain support and removing barriers to building stronger, more resilient communities.

Streets Alive is a not-for-profit limited company with volunteer Trustees.

We are grateful for funding from charitable foundations such as the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Tudor Trust, BIG Lottery and the Rayne Foundation.

A wider context of our work is promoting the street as a social space. In particular, our earlier work focussed on promoting and organising which car free days which can be seen on our special web site www.carfreeday.org.uk.

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