Streets Alive builds neighbourliness and community spirit

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We are the national group promoting street parties through our popular website These and other neighbours' events include picnics, tea parties, street play and lounges.

We have made Bristol the street party capital of the UK with 100+ events being held annually. Meeting in their street means that most households take part, including hard-to-reach households.

We are developing a new Neighbours Campaign for multi-generational mixing to support older people.

Our ageing society leads more independent and less localised lives, so Streets Alive provides an 'excuse to meet' in streets and a framework to build stronger communities.

Activate My Street is possible once residents are engaged by:

  • organising social, cultural, sporting, and environmental activities
  • helping children to play in the street
  • signposting residents to support and advice services
  • recruiting volunteers for voluntary groups and charities

Join us in transforming the country from the street up.

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